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Can an Emotional Support Animal Help with my Anxiety?

There are some people who would suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression and such other problems. For them, along with medications, pet therapy would also prove to be quite useful. So, one should have a pet that can soothe the mind and make the patient feel relaxed.


Anxiety Is A Common Problem These Days

Amidst the stressful lives and situations, people have started getting health related issues. There are many who suffer from mental and emotional health issues. These may include anxiety as well. There are many pills and medications as prescribed for the problem.

These days the medical world has come up with the options such as emotional support animals and in this the pets are used to make the patient feel good. If you are the one who suffers from anxiety then you should have a pet for yourself.

Try and get a good cat or dog or some other animal of your choice. It is believed that pets can give the patients a feeling of confidence and betterment. Pets are amazing companions and they can make you feel that you are handling the pets and that is like doing an important task.


Know About Emotional Support Animals

If you are a patient who suffers from mental illnesses like anxiety then you should have a pet for yourself and then get the pet certified as an emotional support animal. Once you do that you can carry the pet along and get some benefits for the pet as well as yourself. But before anything, one should know what an emotional support animal is.

Well, an emotional support animal can be any pet like a dog, cat, rabbit, horse and so on. The sheer presence of the animal around should make the patient feel better. So, considering the health concerns of the patient, an emotional support animal stays with the patient and travels with him. It is not like the service animal who does work. The people who have physical disabilities might opt for service animals and these animals actually work for the physically disabled person.

Can an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Help with my Anxiety?

This is not the case with ESA. They are not supposed to work for the patients. They should just stay with the person suffering from anxiety. The emotional support animal seems to be a novel concept, but it has become quite popular over a period of time.

A person might not have friends and relatives nearby and so there might be episodes of loneliness. In order to overcome all that an emotional support animal is used. But the person who chooses the emotional support animal should make wise choice of the animal. This is because keeping snake or bear at home as pets would not be suitable and in one way it is dangerous too.


Do You Already Have A Pet? Get The Pet Certified For Emotional Support Animal?

A patient who suffers from anxiety should have a pet along. But if he or she doesn’t have then it would be prudent to get one. If you already have a pet then you should make it an emotional support animal officially.

But this will not happen on own.

You will have to get certification done from a doctor who is a health practitioner in the field of mental illnesses. The procedure is not so hard. There should be a letter written by a health practitioner who treats mental illnesses that the pet as kept by the patient is an emotional support animal. The doctor should mention the patient’s name and the mental health problem like anxiety or some other that he has been suffering from. The doctor should mention that presence of ESA is important for wellbeing of the patient.

However, this information should be written on the letterhead of the doctor having the details of the license as well. However, it is important to note that people with physical disabilities are not eligible to have pets who would qualify to become ESA. This holds true only for the mental illnesses.


How Pets Can Help In Reducing Anxiety?

The reason why pets are important for reducing anxiety is because the major factor that leads to anxiety is lack of emotional support around and loneliness. When a loving companion is around, people have positive feelings.

So, having a cute pet around can surely help in reducing anxiety and depression in the patient. Animals do not judge people and so they will never have negative feelings for the patient. In fact, they will just accept the handler as he is. Some people have a habit to talk to pets.

Even though pets can’t talk, they give their responses with cuddling and touch. So, this can be quite comforting emotionally. Apart from that taking care of pets, grooming them or train them or feed them would keep the person occupied and this can be an additional benefit.

So, let your health be perfect with the presence of ESA for anxiety and depression.


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