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Requirements of Emotional Support Animal Letter

If the pet owner wants to include the pet in the category of emotional support animal then the animal should qualify for the same first. So, there should be a letter written by the licensed doctor in regards to the same.


Requirements of Emotional Support Animal Letter

Do you have health related issues as in anxiety, depression, and emotional health problems and so on? If yes, then you might be having support animals too. If your dog is the emotional support dog then it should get the legal protection that it deserves. But in the first place, does the pet qualify as the ESA or emotional support animal?  


What are the ESA Letter Requirements?

ESA letter would be the letter from the licensed health expert who has been in charge of your emotional or mental disorder treatment. The letter should be written on the letter head of the doctor. In this letter there should be details about the pet as to what animal it is and what breed and so on.

After that the other factor that makes a difference is what disease you as a handler have? The disease should qualify within the realms of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Disorders.  


Why do I Need ESA Letter?

Often, people say that they have dogs at home and they are the support pets. But unless and until the pet is not recognized as emotional support animal, it will not get this title.

If you are having certification from the doctor in regards to your mental health issues and if the doctor has already suggested keeping a support animal then you will need this letter so that your new pet or the current pet can enjoy the rights of that of the ESA.  


Does ESA Letter Expire?

The expiry of ESA letter is one year because the airlines want updated documents. Thus it is important that when the letter crosses one year, you should get the fresh letter with the fresh date.


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