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Dog Training 101 : Boxer Dog Training

Some people think that training a boxer is just like training any other breed. However, this is not the case.

Boxers are extremely playful and intelligent. These qualities can be benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that intelligent dogs simply learn more quickly. However, a drawback can be that your dog is so smart he or she makes their own rules and can be stubborn.

Because of this, you need a specific plan in place for your boxer dog training. Begin the training process as early as possible, preferably when your puppy is around six weeks old. Lessons should start off with basic home training and progress into obedience training. Boxers require a lot of stimulation and challenge to keep them happy.

This is why they make an optimum breed for obedience training. Gradually increasing the difficulty of training sessions will keep your dog happy and stimulated. By doing this you will also be able to gain control over your dog.

Boxer Dog Training

Boxers are very playful and love to run. Begin training your boxer on a leash so he won’t get away from you. Once you’re confident in your dog’s ability to listen, try off the leash training.

You’ll need nerves of steel to train your boxer. These dogs can be stubborn and there will be times where they will simply refuse to do what they are told. Resist the temptation to become angry and punish your dog.

A boxer’s antics can range from amusing to annoying, and can be handled with some strict training. You should always be consistent in your methods so your dog knows what to expect. If you need help training your boxer, seek the advice of a dog training professional.

All of the effort you put into training your boxer will be worth it. You’ll be hard pressed to find another breed that is as social, loyal and playful as the boxer. When trained properly, a boxer can be a beloved addition to any family!


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