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Agility Training With Dot Drills

Agility using dot drills is an enjoyable and challenging way to exercise and gain good balance. While moving through the drill as quickly as possible, an exerciser tries to maintain accuracy by at least trying to touch the dots with his feet. So you don’t get hurt, practice without going for speed. As you get more comfortable, you can and will go faster. The drill is like a form of hopscotch.



Because of the strenuousness of the drills, if you haven’t exercised in a while, check with your doctor so you aren’t doing something that can harm you. Because these drills have become so popular, numerous drills exist to help you get quicker and continue to improve.



Many types of agility drills exist, including some for dogs. Each sport from football to tennis has a different exercise to increase the speed and accuracy of that sport. Each sport uses the dot drills with different exercises to achieve skills needed for that particular exercise. They improve how a person jumps and moves his feet.


Agility Training With Dot Drills



By doing the drills consistently and accurately, anyone can improve in their sport. You also reap the cardio benefits so you become healthier and faster each time you perform the drills. If you have weak ankles, these drills help to strengthen them. With these drills, a small space and short amount of time is all that’s needed.



Dots come separate in packages of five to 12, as a mat or homemade. You make the homemade kind with 2-inch pieces of duct or masking tape and set the “dots” as directed by each exercise. Aerobic fitness players can use the provided example.


Sample Dot Drill

The person sets up this drill in the form of a dice or X. Your height and jumping ability determine the correct dimensions. The standard dimensions are approximately 2 feet square or 2 feet across by 3 feet long. You jump in rows starting at the top and moving to the center and ending at the bottom.

There are five rounds:

  1. Two Feet–Front & Back
  2. Right Foot Around
  3. Left Foot Around
  4. Both Feet Around
  5. Two Feet–Front & Turn

Strive for the best possible time. Recommendations for times will depend on how many sets of each round you perform. Go through each round five to 10 times before moving on to the next. If you’re doing five to six sets per round, an average person should strive for 60 seconds.


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