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Dog Training 101 : Tips for House Training a Dog

House training your dog can be a frustrating part of the training process. This is because a small puppy can be likened to a ball of energy — wreaking havoc with anything he or she can find. Expect your shoes to be eaten, your furniture chewed, and other household items damaged.

Worst of all, your puppy is too young to control their bladder and you will often find unwanted surprises scattered through your home.


Don’t Get Discouraged

There are tactics you can use to minimize the stress of dog house training until your puppy is older. It is not the fault of your puppy — they are simply too young to understand what is expected and what is not.

To make house training easier, read what other dog owners are doing. You’re not the first person to ever have these problems and the many articles and discussion groups on the Internet prove it. Here are some basic tips to help expedite house training:

  • Create a dedicated area for your puppy.
  • Put food and water, the dog’s bed and a toy there.
  • Your puppy will think of this area as his den.
  • Choose a room free of puppy-related temptations where your puppy will not get into trouble for chewing or soiling household items.

When you are unable to watch your puppy, keep him in his confined area. This limits the areas your puppy can damage. Also, puppies do not usually like to go to the bathroom in their sleeping area.

Don't get Discouraged


Be Patient

Shouting and berating your dog will do no good. Simply be patient and consistent in showing your puppy his or her behavior is incorrect. Consistency is crucial because your dog must be clear on the consequences of certain behaviors.

Do some research on house training before bringing your puppy home. That way you’ll know what to expect before the puppy joins your family. Be prepared for hard times, but know that after about six months, your dog will be a well-behaved member of your household!

Be Patient


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