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Dog Training 101 : All About Dog Training Aids

Dog training aids are defined as both training equipment and professional training specialists. There are a wide range of products found on the market today that are commonly used as part of the dog training process.

Everything from traditional collars and leashes to sophisticated electronic equipment is available for training purposes. Many tools can be safe and helpful, while others can slow the training process or even harm your dog. An electronic shock collar, for example, can hurt your dog if used incorrectly.

Here is a rundown of the most common training equipment used by dog owners:



From traditional leather and nylon to advanced remote control collars, there are a wide variety of collars you can choose. Many people choose the old-fashioned collars because they work for most every kind of training. Electronic collars are often used for sporting and hunting dogs. Large, muscular dogs may require a choker collar.

dog Collar



There are also many different types of leashes. Consider your dog’s size and your training needs before choosing your dog’s leash. Shorter, stronger leashes are great for large dogs so you can gain greater control.

dog Leash


Halti Harness

This is a variation of the leash that fits around your dog’s chest. This gives you better control over your dog and is safe and gentle.

dog Halti Harness


Anti-Barking Devices

Anti-barking devices are used to deter unnecessary barking. Although you can teach your dog not to bark without these devices, they can expedite the process.

dog Anti-Barking Devices


Agility Kits

Agility kits are not only great training tools, but great fun for your dog. These kits normally include a tunnel, high and low jumps, a hanging jump hoop and weave poles. Agility training is a fun way to keep your dog exercised and challenged.

dog Agility Kits


There are many more tools available for dog training on the market. Check the Internet or visit your local pet store to find out more about the products available for providing training help and entertainment for your dog.


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