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Remote Collars

The remote collar uses the benefits of electronic stimulation to train a dog. Unlike an electronic no-bark collar which uses a microphone or sensor to detect when it should trigger a shock, this collar is operated by a remote controller and allows the owner of the pet to determine when the collar is activated.

Because of this, the remote dog collar can be used to repair any sort of bad behavior on the part of the dog, not just barking. As with every other dog training collar, there are several reasons for and against this device.


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As the collar is operated by a remote, it provides a great advantage over similar collars which can only focus on changing one aspect of behavior. Not only can you halt barking, but you can also correct other behavioral problems such as chasing other animals or not responding to your commands. Another advantage is that the electronic stimulation given off by the remote collar does not pose any serious threat to the dog’s health when used in the correct manner.

Remote Collars

While to some people the use of these collars may sound inhumane, there is really nothing to worry about and just about all animal experts will tell you that they are safe to use. So if concern for the well being of your pet is keeping you from using the proper tools to train, worry no more.

If not used properly, however, this collar can have the opposite effect to what is wanted. With some cheaper models there can sometimes be a lag in the stimulation, which will only serve to confuse your dog and you may end up with him being corrected for an action that doesn’t need correcting as he will be unable to realize, due to the delay, that the activation of the collar was in response to an action he made several seconds earlier.

This would be very counterproductive and will only end up causing more problems for you and your pet. The best way to avoid such a result is to simply check that no lag exists in the device you buy. As with any electronic collar, the effectiveness of the device may be better or worse depending on the dog and its size.

Overall, the remote training collar offers a good solution for trainers looking to train their dogs in several different aspects. It is effective when the device works properly and is used correctly and should be the answer to all of your training problems.


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