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Bark Collar

Bark collars are used to reduce a dog’s excessive barking behavior. There are two main types of anti bark collar, one uses a scented spray such as citronella, and the other uses uses small shocks. The latter uses a sensor which detects when the animal barks too loudly. Upon sensing that your dog is barking, the collar will give off a small stimulating shock that lets the dog know that barking is not acceptable behavior.

The dog, which obviously will want to reduce the amount of shocks it receives, will react and eventually cut down on it’s barking. As always, there are pluses and negatives to this type of collar.


No-Bark Collars – An Effective Solution to Keep Your Dogs Barking to a Minimum

As it is an electrical stimulation device you will want to know if such a collar is likely to cause any damage to your pet. The good news is that these collars will not cause your dog any physical pain in the short or long-term if the correct procedure for their use is followed. Collars to stop dogs barking usually have a number of settings to choose from and choosing the right one for your dog will be key to ensuring the well being of your dog.

Bark Collar

That said, the shock that is given off is much the same as any normal static shock that a human may receive. It will be strong enough to send a message, but weak enough to avoid physical harm. In addition, many experts feel that the no-bark training collar is the best option when teaching a pet.

A negative point that can be made about these collars is often the fact that they do cause some discomfort to the dog. Some pet owners do not want to force harm onto their animals in any way, even if it poses no real physical danger. Because of that, the no-bark electronic collar may not be the right option for many dog owners who may instead choose a collar that gives off a scent, instead of a shock, when the dog barks.

As with any other collar, the no-bark may or may not be the right choice for your pet. The best advice that can be given is to explore all possible options and choose the one that most suits you and your pet. If you are looking to quickly and efficiently help cut back on a dog’s barking, the electronic ‘no bark’ type collar is probably a choice that you should explore and research further.


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