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Prong Type Dog Training Collars

The prong collar, also commonly known as the pinch collar, has a series of open-ended chain links that are directed to the dog’s neck. Sounds pretty cruel and inhumane doesn’t it? In fact, the prong collar is nowhere near as harsh a penalty for a dog as one might thing. The feeling of the links pointed towards the neck of the animal is the same as a mother nipping her pup for behavior that is not correct.

That is, it will only be felt momentarily and only if the dog continues to behave badly. While the dog will feel a slight discomfort from pulling the collar, the animal will be safe from real physical harm.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a collar like this to train a dog. One plus is that the collar spreads out the pressure with slight pain applied by each prong to more than just one area of the dog’s neck, unlike other collar types which focus on one central part. This improves the effectiveness of using such a device to train.

Prong Type Dog Training Collars

Another advantage is the fact that while the dog will feel pressure and slight pain it will never have it’s throat entirely compressed or be experience actual physical harm.

A disadvantage to this type of collar is that some discomfort is caused to the dog. As many pet owners are against pain for training in any form or manner this type of collar might not suit their needs. Many dogs, as with other collars, will be unaffected by use of prong collars as the pain may be so little to them that they will have no reason to react to it.

A good way to counter this is to make sure the size of the collar purchased is a good fit for the dog it will train. An assistant at a pet store should be able to point an individual in the right direction if he is given the proper information about the dog.


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