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Citronella Dog Collars

Does your dog bark too much? Are the loud noises your pet is making keeping you up at night or annoying your neighbors? The best way to train a dog to stop barking out of turn is to use a training collar known as the citronella collar. This collar is equipped with a sensor that can detect the sound of your dog barking, immediately after which it will release a spray of citronella.

This unusual and strange smell will distract and confuse your pet to the point where it will look to avoid the odor in anyway possible. As with any other training collar, the citronella type come with both advantages and disadvantages.


Use Common ‘Scents’ to Put a Collar on Your Dogs Barking Habits – with Citronella

An advantage of the citronella training collar is the fact the spray itself will have no harmful effects on your pet. While other collars, like the shock type, also do not pose any long-term harm, the nature of citronella collars, as they use smells instead of sensations, makes them more appealing to owners that may not have the desire to use a shock collar on their pet.

Citronella Dog Collars

Additionally, for owners most concerned with excessive barking, the citronella dog collar usually works more effectively and quickly than some other training options.

While it cannot really assist to help you with other behavioral problems that your canine may have, it certainly does work with regards to controlling your dogs barking. Instances where it wouldn’t work might be if your dog often chases other animals or rummages through your trash can.

Another negative point about this type of training collar is that the sensor may pick up the sounds of other dogs that are barking within a very close proximity of the wearer of the collar. If this is the case, your dog may end up smelling the spray of citronella for acts it did not commit. This is unfair and counterproductive to your pet during its training.

So overall, the citronella collar is a very good option for dog owners with dogs that bark too much. But make sure that it fulfills all your training needs and that it will solve your problems before purchasing.


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