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Dog Training 101 : Dog Obedience Training

Training your dog is a major issue if you desire a pleasant relationship between you and your dog. Dog obedience training is not difficult and makes a huge difference in your dog’s behavior.

Dog training consists of different lessons designed to show your dog how to obey your commands. Training can teach your dog simple things like how to come, sit, and stay. It can also teach more complicated commands like not barking unnecessarily.


Be Sure to Prepare Yourself

Read some literature about dog psychology to understand how your dog sees the world around him. This will help you understand what to expect from your dog and what your approach to training should be.

Use time-tested techniques that have worked for others when training your dog, rather than taking chances with your own methods.

Start the obedience training in a quiet, familiar area such as your living room or yard. This helps your dog master commands without being distracted. Once your dog begins to respond to training, try the commands in a more distracting area like a street or park.

Be Sure to Prepare Yourself

At first, stay close to your dog when giving commands. After awhile, you can increase the distance between you and your dog. You can even hide from your dog after giving commands to make sure he obeys you even if you’re out of sight.

Put your dog in different situations, but always give the exact same commands. However, break up the order of the commands so your dog will obey regardless of when certain commands are given.

You’ll learn that dog training has more to do with you than your dog. Always be sure to stick with short, easy command words, use the same words for the same commands to avoid confusion, and always praise your dog lavishly for good behavior.

This is a simple thing that will teach your dog how to be obedient.


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