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Dog Training 101 : Dog Behavior Training

Different dog breeds possess different characteristics — not only relating to appearance, but behavior. Some breeds are more aggressive than others. Other breeds are nervous by nature, while still others are easygoing and relaxed. A dog’s personality depends on not only genetics but the environment in which the dog is raised and a range of outside factors. Your dog’s behavior also depends on how you’ve trained him or her.

Consider the personality of individual dog breeds before deciding what kind of dog to adopt. There is no point in adopting a dog whose personality is not compatible with your lifestyle. Regardless of what kind of dog you choose, dog behavior training should be conducted — even if you are sure your dog’s personality is compatible with yours.


Dog Behavior Training


The most common behavioral problems that many dog owners face are aggressiveness, destructive behavior, urinating in the home, ignoring your commands or hyperactivity. Analyze your situation to figure out the areas you should concentrate on.

Training should start and end within 6 months of age. Failing to train your puppy by this time can result in many problems later. Behavioral training shows your puppy who’s boss and what is allowed and what is not. Older dogs can be more difficult to train than puppies because they are often set in their ways. Obedience training can still give great results with older dogs, however.

If you feel unable to conduct behavior training on your own, seek professional advice. There are lots of schools that offer courses and advice for dog owners. There is some expense involved, but it’s worth it. By teaching your dog how to behave you’re guaranteed a faithful friend for the next fifteen to twenty years.

Don’t forget your dog is much like you in some ways. A dog experiencing medical problems may have behavior problems or fail to respond to training. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your dog has a clean bill of health before proceeding with training.


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