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Dog Training 101 : Tips for Dog Agility Training

Agility training is designed to teach your dog various tricks. This type of training involves specific action or the navigating of obstacles. Examples of agility training include teaching your dog to jump through hoops or travel through tunnels. The difficulty level and number of obstacles you use will depend on your dog’s individual skill level.

You should begin dog agility training after your dog has successfully completed basic obedience training. Agility training is considered extra training and you will not be able to do it if your dog cannot follow basic obedience commands.

Certain dog breeds are better than others for agility training purposes. Heavier breeds are usually not as good as smaller hunting dogs when it comes to agility exercises.

Are you ready to try some dog agility exercises for your dog? Do some research to find out the most popular tricks to teach your dog. There are time-tested techniques that are shown to be effective in agility training. Start your dog out at home where things are familiar to promote better concentration. Then, move on to a more distracting place.

Tips for Dog Agility Training

You don’t need expensive equipment for agility train your dog. However, lots of treats are a must! The tools for this kind of training can be purchased from any pet store or even rigged up from household items. If you want to teach your dog to jump a fence, try using a stool or low chair.

For a makeshift tunnel, try hanging a car tire from a tree branch. If the homemade approach isn’t for you, try an inexpensive agility training kit.

Training your dog for agility is fun and rewarding. You will notice a positive effect on your dog’s behavior. Many dogs act up because they are bored or under-stimulated, and agility training easily takes care of this problem! Dogs are intelligent and curious, and love to learn new things. With consistency, patience and praise, your dog will catch on quickly.

A happy dog is usually a well-behaved one, and agility training can keep your dog healthy and happy!


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