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Know About Emotional Support Dog

When someone has to combat loneliness or depression, there would be need, to have company of pets. These are called as support animals who would give comfort to the owner.

Their presence would also make good amount of difference in the life of the patient.

If a person suffers from mental health issues like depression and anxiety then there should be something that should soothe the person. Well, emotional support animals like dogs and cats help the patient in such cases. It is true that some people just keep pets because they love dogs. But some people need comfort and support from animals and thus for them pets are more important.



What is an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional support dogs are the dogs that would just accompany the owners. They help the handlers to enhance their self esteem and purpose for life. They are not like the service dogs that would perform specific duties for the handlers. But it is important that these support dogs are bit safe and less aggressive.

They should not bark and bite because that would cause lot of disturbance.


Legal Guidelines to Know for Getting the Support Dog

If you are looking for getting your dog in the category of emotional support dog then there would be need to get the letter from the licensed doctor who is in charge of the emotional or the mental disorder treatment. The letter should have details about the health issue, the need for pet and the other details of the patient.

The letter should come on the letter head of the licensed doctor who treats such diseases. If the pet wins the status of the support dog then it would have some special incentives. The disability basically refers to mental or emotional disability and so this might not relate to the physical disabilities.


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