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Emotional Support Dog Registration Guide

People who suffer from anxiety and depression should have some means to get out of the same or manage the same. Most of the people have dogs that would support the patients. The patient who suffers from mental illness will have to show up that the pets he or she has is a support animal. For that carrying ESA letter is important.

Why do People with Mental Illness Need Support Animals and How to Register Them as ESA?

People with illnesses that relate to emotional or mental health often feel lonely. So, for them having pets at home would be a good therapy to feel good. Some mental illnesses cannot be cured completely. But yes, these diseases can be managed well.

Dogs and cats are the most popular emotional support animals. In fact, dog is loyal animal and it knows how to make the master feel great. So, dog is a popular support animal for the way it supports the handler emotionally and morally. You will see that most of such people would actually have pets at home. If they do not have then they should get one for themselves.

So, once you have pets as emotional support animals, all you must do is get them registered so that you both can enjoy each others’ company. There are some places where pets might not be allowed. But if you have a dog registered as support animal then you can even take it to the place where dogs are not allowed. So, the next question that will come into your mind is, what is the procedure to register the pet as emotional support animal. Well, the answer is very simple.

You don’t need to officially register the dog as ESA. In fact, a letter as written by the health therapist who treats you would be enough to certify your dog as emotional support dog. Once you have this letter from the health practitioner, you and your friend can enjoy each other’s company without any disturbance even at faraway places or in rented homes.


No Need for Official Registry for the Dog

So, it is clear that there is no need to officially register ay any registry the details of the pet as support animal. It is however vital that you ask your mental illness doctor online or offline to give you a letter with due stamp and sign. The content of the letter should be in regards to the patient’s illness.

The doctor should mention name of the patient, the emotional or mental illness that the patient is suffering from etc. The health care practitioner should mention that the pet dog that the patient has is an emotional support animal because it is helpful for the patient in staying well and blissful.

Wherever the patient goes, he or she should carry the letter. One should not worry that whether this letter would be accepted or not. There are many such circumstances or situations where this letter would prove to be highly useful. But the letter should come from the doctor who holds the license to practice. The letter should also have the license number.

No Need for Official Registry for the Dog

Apart from that, the relevant doctor as in the mental illness doctor should only write the letter. It should not come from any other doctor. With the letter, the patient will be able to prove that this animal is helpful to stay calm and happy. Thus, for the mental illness patient, having a pet dog would be like a therapy only.

If any hotel or restaurant denies admission of the pet which is an emotional support animal or if the land lord denies staying of the pet with you then you can produce this letter as an important document. But the dog should be trained enough to behave well in front of others.

The dog should be calm and should not create any kind of disturbance for people around. If the dog is taken at a public place and it jumps around and barks at people then this would not be allowed. In such cases, the handler of the dog should find a pet trainer who would teach the dog how to behave well and act as an emotional support animal.


Know What Benefits You and Your Pet Get with ESA Letter

Having the dog certified as an emotional support dog would mean that in a housing arrangement where there is no-pets policy, here too you can stay with your pet. The landlord should not charge you any additional rent or deposit just because you have a pet along. This holds true for the airlines as well. You need not pay any special fees for the dog and yet it can sit beside you.

However, to be on a safer side it is always better to read the airlines terms and conditions. Just make sure that if you already have a pet then you should train it well to become an emotional support animal. If you are going to pick one for yourself then get a breed that is friendly and humble. A good pet knows how to love and support the master.

But in return the pet also expects the same. Having a good dog along can help you in managing the symptoms of mental illness. This means that there should be a good pet around that can comfort you. Unlike the service dog the emotional support dog need not do any work for the master. It should be around and just pass on good vibes to the patient.


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