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How to Get Emotional Animal Support Certification with Ease

People who suffer from emotional health issues or emotional disabilities can get the benefit of keeping emotional support animals with them. If your mental health professional give you the health certificate mentioning the mental health issue that you have then your pet can qualify to be an emotional support animal.

As far as emotional support animal certification is concerned, this should be duly signed by the mental health professional. Also, it should be properly formatted. It is important to note that the letter should be written by the apt doctor as in the psychiatrist or the psychologist who treats you. The letter coming from any other kind of doctor as in the cardiologist would not be considered as apt for the purpose.


The certificate or the letter should have details about the license of the doctor to practice,

The certificate or the letter should have details about the license of the doctor to practice, the license date and the details of the state where issued. The patients who suffer from health issues like bipolar disorder, depression, mental retardation, learning disorders can get their pets certified to become ESA. Again, it is important to note that emotional support animals are quite different from the service animals.

The service animals should be trained well so that they can help the handler in terms of doing some work or job for them. But as far as the emotional support animals are concerned, they are not to be trained to do any work. They should just be along with the patient for enhancing the levels of comfort and support mentally. In the meantime, they should not create any sort of disturbance for the neighbours or people staying around.


What Should Be Written On The Emotional Support Animal Certification Letter?

The emotional support animal certification letter is an important paper that will help your animal to qualify becoming apt for emotional support. So, the relevant health practitioner should sign the letter. On this letter there should be mention of the patient’s name. Also, the doctor should mention the emotional or mental health issue that the patient is going through. These things should be mentioned on the letterhead of the doctor and there should be mention of the doctor’s license number as well.

The letter should mention that the emotional support animal is an important part of your mental disorder or emotional health problem. The letter once written would be valid for a period of one year. This letter can be used as a shield to let your animal get a few important perquisites.

These may include staying in a rented space along with the handler, travelling along with the handler and so on. These days with the advent of technology things have become pretty simple. So, you can get the letter from a health professional online too. This will help you in reducing the hassles.


How Can An Emotional Support Animal Benefit The Health Of The Patient?

In most of the cases the emotional support animals are dogs and cats. If you are suffering from mental health issues and if you like having a pet then it is a good thing. A pet comforts the patient and makes the patient feel great. The patients who suffer from loneliness can spend good amount of time with the lovely pets and this can have calming effect on the body and mind of the patient.

The patient will also feel active when the pet is around and so there would be a mutual bonding between the pet and the patient.

Pets love attention and support

So, looking into these benefits it is important that the patent who suffers from mental illness should get a pet. Many people who have such issues would have pets as well. But it is important that the pets should get certified being an emotional support animal. This will help it get some perks and you can take it along at most of the places too along with you.

Pets love attention and support. The same holds true for the mental health patients. So, there would be mutual bonding between the two. Having the pet certified will help you to gain confidence. If someone has a question in mind then you can always give them an explanation via the letter that you carry along.

Having pets certified as emotional support animals would help the patient in many different ways. Keeping these things in mind what matters the most is how to get the certificate quickly without much hassles.

You can get this done from your mental health professional or one online too.


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