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Top 10 Comforting Dog Breeds as ESA

Dogs have been qualified as emotional support animals as per the available researches. However, there are many dog breeds and some of them go above the love meter and some of them are below the line. So, it is important to get an idea about the top 10 breeds that are affectionate and loving.

Dogs are loving and caring and that is the reason why people have them as pets. They make the owners feel good. Often, they work as emotional support dogs to keep the owner who faces issues like depression in the happy mode.


1. Golden Retriever

This dog breed is filled with love. It loves to hug and cuddle. Thus it is one of the most popular breeds to qualify for emotional support.


2. Labrador Retriever

This breed is sporty and so it can always keep the owner quite busy with sports. Also, this breed loves to love.


3. Brussels Griffon

This small sturdy dog has monkey face. But it is quite loving and caring for the handler. It is also quite cheerful and so jells up well with other pets.


4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This loving pet is quite popular for its beautiful brown eyes. Apart from that it is quite loving and caring for the owner.


5. Old English Sheep Dog

This intelligent dog is cheerful and fun loving. It would know well as to how to entertain the owner. Quite easy to handle, this dog is very beautiful too.


6. Affenpinscher

This is affectionate and happy dog. But it has love to hunt the little prey and so avoid having very little mouse or such other rodents at home.


7. The American Pit Bull Terrier

This is a well behaved dog and would spend good time with family. Thus it is a popular dog for ESA. But sometimes it might not budge and get stubborn. So, you need to handle it with tact.


8. Irish Wolfhounds

These giant sized pets are gentle and good at heart. But it is better to keep away little pets or rodents because it might chase them.


9. Chihuahua

Little dog and highly portable, this dog would love to be with the owners all the time. It loves to be held and get hugged.


10. Collie

This breed is quite intelligent and they immediately come to know what their owners might need. This breed is also quite gentle with kids.


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