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Training The Dog To Be an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support dogs are those who would give care and comfort to the owners. They are devoted to the handler and the owner would also feel great when such pets are around. Dogs actually have the tendency to become the comfortable and good dog.

But if these pets are trained well then they can be intelligent emotional support dogs. If the owner suffers from health issues as in the mental or emotional disorder then there might be need to have an emotional support pet.



This will enhance good health and emotional wellbeing. However, a pet can be trained to be emotional support animal.

Here’s how.


Train The Dog To Be ESA

  1. The dogs should be given good practice in regards to what commands you give. The paws up command would let it stand on the sofa and when paws are supposed to be down then such instructions should be given. Dogs are very quick learners and so they would learn things very quickly.
  2. You should also teach them how they should behave when other people or pets are around. For such things they will need practice.
  3. It would be better if you can give them potty training as well. The time table or the schedule should be fixed in regards to what time they eat, go potty and sleep.
  4. You should also see when your dog would face anxiety. If such things happen then you should give it the commands to calm down. If the dog calms down then you should reward the same with good words so that the dog stays motivated.
  5. You will have to make the dog learn things like calming down when they get anxiety issues.
  6. Also, there would be need to socialize the dog a bit so that it will learn some social skills as well.
  7. Sit, stay, come, stand up are some of the commands you should go ahead with. Right training at the right time will help.


Once you train the emotional support dog then it would be your better partner. In fact, you can even train it how to reduce your anxiety. Like what should they do when you feel depressed or stressed. Training the animal in the right way would be better from the longer term view point.


People who feel lonely would really need to understand that what it feels to have pets along. Emotional support animals are those who really give their masters calm minds. This is a two way communication. When a human being in stress and the pet, they both hug each other, there would be good feelings passing around.

So, just train the dog well and see how you will gain better options in life. Having emotional support pets at home would mean that there are many things that you can have. You can have peace of mind, stress out times, calm heart and lots of love within your soul.


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