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Know What Constitutes As an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals may be dogs, cats or other animals who would give support to the person with mental condition or some other health condition and the purpose to keep these animals along would be to enhance comfort levels and support.

A person who is disabled or has some mental illness would feel lonely or would need some comfort in life. For them keeping emotional support animals would be a very good idea. The most common support animals are dogs.



Do ESA Perform any Task?

Basically, emotional support animals are just trained to be as good pets with the owner. They are not expected to do any tasks as such. In USA, the owner who wishes to have ESA should have certification from a psychiatrist that he or she has mental or emotional disability.

The doctor should also certify that keeping an ESA as pet would benefit the person in his health condition.

People who Have Emotional Issues and Face Loneliness

People who have issues as related to emotional health might face loneliness and so for them having an ESA would be a good way to combat loneliness.


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