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What Makes You Qualify For An ESA?

In USA if you have certification from the relevant doctor that you have emotional disabilities then you qualify for emotional support animal. But the certification should come in the form of a perfect letter that has the specific format from a psychiatrist or mental disorder doctor.

Often due to loneliness and other emotional problems, a person might fall in the clutches of mental disorders, emotional health issues or depression. What makes a basic difference is that in USA there is a rule that people with such problems qualify to keep emotional support animals.

These can be cats or dogs that can comfort or emotionally support the patients so that they don’t feel lonely in life.


What Makes You Qualify for an ESA?


What to do to Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal?

The very first explanation that you need to understand is that for getting qualified for ESA the certificate should come from the doctors like psychiatrist or psychologist who would treat mental and emotional disorders in patients. It is important to note that generally these animals are small dogs or cats.

They are most expected to perform any tak for the owners. They should be good enough to live as pets. But in that time, they should not bark and bite others. They should be soothing and should live peacefully without causing any disturbance around.

What Diseases Qualify for ESA

Generally the patient who has mental and emotional health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, mental retardation, learning disabilities, cognitive disorders and so on qualify to keep ESA along with them.

The letter should be on the letter head of the emotional or mental disorder doctor and he should mention that you are his patient and that you suffer from this particular emotional or mental illness.

If this letter comes from a cardiologist then it would be rejected. The psychiatrist must prescribe that having ESA would support you and would be good for your health conditions.


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