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Emotional Support Animal Requirements

Emotional support animals help in giving comfort to the handler of the pet. A person who suffers from depression, bipolar disorder or any other mental or emotional disorder can have a pet. But having a certification of emotional support animal would make it easy to deal with the situations.


Any animal can be an emotional support animal

Any animal can be an emotional support animal. Most of the people opt for cats and dogs and they are supposed to be quite calm and helpful for the handler. Having cats and dogs at home would make you feel awesome. In fact, this will enhance the comfort levels as well.

Once the owner of the pet has a letter from the health therapist that the pet that the patient has is an emotional support animal then as per the rules the pet can enjoy a few perquisites for sure. An emotional support animal should be allowed to stay at no-pets housing systems. Also, these pets can travel with the handlers in the plane along with them.

The only thing is that the basic requirement is that the pets should be well behaved. So, the owner should actually get the pet trained pretty well so that there would never be any embarrassing situation as such.


What are the Basic Requirements of Emotional Support Animals to be Certified as One?

  • Emotional support animals may include pets such as dogs, cats, pigs, birds, horses, rabbits etc.
  • The owner of the pet should have mental or emotional health disorder like bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, sexual disorder, loneliness related emotional problems and so on. The pet should be comforting the owner and should be giving him confidence and a sense of wellbeing.
  • As per law there will not be any need to train the pets because they are not supposed to work for the owner. It is just that their presence should make the owner feel great. But it is important that the pet should be well behaved and should not create nuisance for anyone. It should not bark at people or make them feel uncomfortable. If the handler wishes then the pets can be trained well so that they are well behaved and make the handler proud of the same.

So, keeping these details in mind one should get ahead and figure out how to get your pets find some perquisites along with you. Having pets can be emotionally enhancing for sure.


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