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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in South Carolina?

There was a time when people used to pop pills for almost everything. But now natural therapies are on a rise. In the medical world there is a feeling that pets are good enough to make the handler feel great.

Thus, if the owner of the pet suffers from mental health issues or emotional health issues then having a pet would help him soothe down and feel better. It is good for enhancing the level of wellness.


Need for Having Pets at Home

If you are a normal being then too you would love pets. This is because animals love unconditionally and they are good for emotional wellbeing as well. So, if you are the one who suffers from emotional or mental illness then having pets at home would be comforting for the mind.

A pet can be good companion and can make you feel important and confident too. They know how to love someone unconditionally. This is because they will never have any sort of judgement for you. They will never criticize you and will never feel negative about you.

The pets who qualify as emotional support animals would not work for the owner. They would just be around so that the owner feels happy and comforted. If you are located in South Carolina and have health related issues as mentioned above then the question is how to get an emotional support animal in South Carolina?


How to Get Emotional Support Animal in South Carolina?

South Carolina like any other place in USA needs the certificate from the licensed mental illness doctor that the patient is not keeping well in terms of emotional or mental illness and that having a support animal around can give him a sense of wellbeing. This letter should be duly signed by the licensed medical practitioner. If you have any physical disabilities then this will not be an option for you.

In order to let your pet qualify as an emotional support animal, there are a few mental health related issues that should prevail within you. Depression, panic attacks, mental retardation, bipolar disorder, anxiety etc are some of the illnesses that would belong to this category.

If you reside in South Carolina then you can adopt a pet from a shelter home for animals. If you already have a pet like a cat or a dog then you should just get the letter from the licensed medical professional mentioning that it is an emotional support animal and that your treatment for mental or emotional illness is going on.

It is important to note that the validity of the letter would be one year. Apart from that, the health care professional should mention on the letter that why there was a need for the patient to have an emotional support animal at home. The content of the letter should be written on the letter head and the prompt date should be mentioned on the same. Having the pet certified to be an ESA will help you in keeping the airline travel with the pet quite simple. Along with that when you have to stay in a rented apartment then the landlord has no right to ask for any extra rent or deposit.


How to get Emotional Support Animal in South Carolina?


Opt for Medication Plan and ESA for Comprehensive Treatment

For a patient who suffers from emotional or mental illnesses prescribing a comprehensive plan with an emotional support animal at home as well as the list of medications would bring in quick health benefits. It is only that in the public areas the pets should behave well.

They should be aptly trained to maintain peace. Creating any kind of nuisance or havoc might attract fine or penalty. There are mental health practitioners available online as well who would have noble intentions to certify the animal as an emotional support animal mainly because the patient should attain better wellbeing.

However, the handlers or the owners are expected to keep the pets trained in such a way that they do not disturb people around. A good emotional support pet should be able to enhance the confidence levels of the owner. It should make the patient feel good and should act as a comrade who would always be there in good and bad times.


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