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Travelling With An Emotional Support Dog Via Flight?

Travelling is a good way to make life happy and so if you are travelling for leisure or for some work you will actually feel less stressed and there would be more happiness.

If you are the patient of mental illness or emotional disorder then perhaps taking pet along should not be a problem anywhere. But when you have to go on a flight then there are a few details you will have to keep in mind.


People Feel Good When Pets Comfort Them

If you are having problem as related to mental illness like mental retardation, bipolar disorder, anxiety etc and if you keep along the ESA letter then you will be allowed to take your pet along with you on the flight. The best part is that even when you carry the pet along as per the federal laws there is no need to pay any extra cost. You should however; check out what the airlines expect from you and then based on that you can take a final decision.

There are people who feel that having pets along can enhance the feeling of wellness. Even medical science has proved this. There are many health related disorders that can be managed and controlled with the natural therapies like having pets at home. Just think when you are lonely and there is no one around the how pathetic the situation will be.


On the contrary when there are pets who would make you feel important then that will be an awesome feeling in the world. When you are having the mentioned metal illnesses then you would not feel good when you have to leave behind the pet while you are travelling. Thus, if you have an emotional support animal letter along with you then you can take the pet along while on the plane. The carrier will not charge you any extra cost.

The Different Airlines And The Details You Need To Know About Them

American Airlines

Just like any other good and professional airlines, American Airlines would appreciate that you carry an emotional support animal along. But it is just that while you carry ESA you should have ESA letter along. The health care practitioner who treats mental illnesses should be able to produce this letter on his letter head along with the license details. The name of the state and the jurisdiction should be mentioned on the letter.

You should read what the terms are and along with that what documentation needs to be given.  You should request the availability of the kennel on the flight and that having the pet on the flight would be a good thing for your mind and emotions.


Delta Airlines

In Delta Airlines the travel solutions are quite flexible. It is just that the carrier demands that there should be an early notification of the travel date. Delta Airlines allows the pet to go along with the handler on the flight but they do not give any special seat to the pets.

The seats are just meant for the passengers and so the pet can either sit on the lap or may be on the floor. However, carrying the pet along will need the owner to carry an emotional support animal letter that should have details about the patients’ mental health condition.


South West Airlines

Before you take the flight you will have to check out the relevant details. You should see if you carry the relevant documents while travelling or not. Apart from that there should be apt ESA letter which would authorize or certify the pet as emotional support animal.

But make sure that you read all the terms and conditions. You should be having ESA letter and that should be as per the basic requirements.


Likewise, the other airlines also mostly request to intimate and submit the documents for the pets 48 hours before travelling. So, depending upon the airline company and the requirements that they set, the handler of the pet should be ready. Most of the people prefer dogs as the emotional support animals. They are quite caring and gentle with the handler.

Dogs have a perfect means to show their care and concern and so when they travel along with the patient they make them feel good. These are some of the reasons why pets are allowed as emotional support animals along with the patients who need them the most.


Just Get Emotional Support Animal Letter And Make The Travel Easy

The travel would become easy if you have letter for emotional support animal. The certification of the pet as ESA would make the airlines consider the case and let the pet travel along with you. But it is vital that the letter should come from a professional health care practitioner who is working in the field of mental and emotional illnesses.

If you have ESA letter then there would be no extra charges levied on your travel along with the pets via flight. But it is your moral responsibility to keep your pet calm. The handler should be able to understand the moods of the pet and so try not to come across any such situation where the pet would become aggressive or out of control.

Apart from that you should also check the validity of the emotional support animal certificate. It has a validity of one year. Soon after that you will need the certificate with the latest date. The patient should also carry the health certificate along. If these requirements are fulfilled then no one can stop the patient to carry the pet along. Just take good care of your pet and see that it doesn’t disturb people or bark at them.

You should get in touch with the airlines a few days in advance and get all your doubts cleared in regards to the flight. This will help you to save your time and avoid all sorts of problems in the end. Just get ready with the relevant solutions and see how you can make your travel with the pet quite easy.


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