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Guide for Traveling with a Service Dog in Europe

Travelling is good for mind and health. When you have pets along then it would be good time for both. Vacationing with the pets can create good memories. However, it is vital that you know a few details before you take your service dog on a travel trip in Europe.


Know What To Do When You Are Travelling With Service Dog In Europe

Different places would have different rules and regulations. So, when you enter in Europe with your service dog all you need to do is get a few formalities done. These would include giving rabies vaccination to the dog, placing microchip in the service dog, get blood tests done, take health certificate for Europe, and seek treatment for worms and ticks.

Just get these done before you enter Europe.

The patients who would have service dogs should not be discriminated upon. In fact, as per the law a bit of more help can be given to people who have physical disability and also those who are disabled and have service dogs.

The service dogs in Europe are allowed with the handler in places such as pubs, banks, theatres, restaurants and libraries too. People who have service dogs can even take them for using the public transport.


If You Have Plans To Carry Your Service Dog Along In Europe Then Take Up Some Planning

When you are on the travel spree you should plan everything well. The most important thing will be the service dog food. You will have to carry the sealed foods for the dogs. There are some items that you cannot carry. So, just check out with the airlines that what kind of food they are allowing and what not.

If your stay in Europe is going to be too long then in the middle of the trip you will have to opt for ordering the pet food. If your pet has some health issues and so if it has to take medications then you should have the vet’s prescription explaining which medication is for what. You should know that since Europe is cold, you must avoid shaving the coat.

Having lot of hair on the body would mean that there is protective layer of hair and that will protect the animal against cold. If needed then you can take paw socks, dog jackets, dog brush and warm clothes also for the pet.

If the pet falls ill then it would become a boring vacation. Thus, no one would ever want the pet to become ill in some other country. For that you should have along a pet first aid kit which specially belongs to the dogs. You can talk to your vet while making this kit.


Guide for Traveling with a Service Dog in Europe


Your vet would know the best what is the problem with the pet and so based on that his recommendation should be thought over. Also, when you enter into Europe, it would be safe and prudent to find one pet doctor. This will help in any kind of emergency situation. It is vital to note that the charges of medications and even the doctors’ professional fees would be high.

So, you should keep aside some money which would be useful when there is some health issue with the dog.

There are climate changes that might occur and that may affect the health of the pet. Keeping all these things in mind the dog food, supplies and the medications should be arranged. You should take up all the packing on time. This will help you to avoid all sorts of issues at the end.


Take All The Documents Properly

When you are travelling with the service dog, just make sure that you know which documents to carry. If you don’ have much idea then you can ask your friend or someone expert who knows the details well. The service dog with the disabled patient would be allowed at almost all the places in Europe.

However the pet should be well trained and should not create any kind of messy situation. If the dog owner has all the documents that proves his disability and along with that the details of the service dog then there should not be any legal problem where the pet owner would be stuck. Before you board the flight, you should be ready with all your documents and even that of the service dog.

You should also check out with the airlines as to what formalities they have to get done. As per their demands you must carry the documents.

It is important that you register the service dog beforehand because this will help you and the pet to travel with peace and without any hassles as such. If you have service dog along because of the disability that you have then the airlines will not charge anything extra for the dog. Of course, the dog should be reasonable in height and weight. You should tell the flight company that you will be travelling with the service dog.

Having service dog along would be quite helpful for the person who is physically disabled. The service dog should be well trained and should behave well in front of people. If there are any problems due to the animal at any public place, on the flight or anywhere else then the responsibility of the same would be of the pet owner.

However, the entry of the pet owner and the service dog should not be denied as it would be against the law.

Travelling to Europe would be fun. Just make sure that you know how you are prepared and whether the pet is ready for the new venture. Try and keep it under your control so that there are no issues that you may have to face because of the service dog. Travelling with your service dog would be a good way of spending time with the pet.

This will enhance the bonding and can make one the owner feel safe. You must know all the details about the place you would be visiting to avoid any delay or confusion at the last moment.


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