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Know About Different Types of Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

There is a basic difference between emotional support animals and service animals. It is important to know the basic difference between them. Once you know that you will be able to get an idea about which can be good service animals and which are the best emotional support animals.

Emotional support animals are those who would give emotional support to the patient who suffers from mental illness. People who have depression and anxiety would feel lonely at certain times. Thus what makes a basic difference is that if there are good pets around then it will give a perfect feeling to the person. Having cure pets around can be good for emotional and mental wellbeing.

Also, they would help you to get out of all sorts of stresses. When you come home after a tiring day then it would feel great to have your pet around you, loving and comforting you. But when you have a pet and if you are having some emotional or mental disability then you will have to get a certificate from the emotional and mental health practitioner where he has to mention that the pet is an emotional support animal.


What Are The Best Emotional Support Animals?

There are many pets which can be emotional support animals. But it would not be practical to keep a few of them as pets. Thus, it is vital that you know about the best emotional support pets can make you feel awesome.

Here are some of the best pets that would be even better emotional support animals.



Even when you have a small house, you can still have little cute cats at home. They are popular emotional support animals and they make someone feel great. Cats love to cuddle up with the owner and they are bit lazy and so the handler can just de-stress with the cat.

Best Emotional Support Animal cat


Small Dogs

Dogs are good pets and great emotional support animals. Big dogs are also good, but they are bit scary and so people might get afraid of them. Having little dogs at home would really make you feel awesome. If you have problems like depression and anxiety then such cute little dogs can actually enhance the feeling of love and concern.

Doing some walking along with the dog can keep you occupied! Dogs also love to enjoy with the owner and so there will be a good mutual bond that can enhance love between the two lives.

Best Emotional Support Animal small dog



Bunnies are just like dogs and cats as far as their instincts are concerned. They are not to be kept out of the house. In fact, keeping them inside the house would help them to save from extreme weather conditions and their life span would be better and longer. Some people also opt for fancy rodents and horse. There can be many options in terms of pets that can be kept at home.

But there are some practical difficulties if the pets are too big in size. The point is that the pets should be easy to handle by the handler. If there are too many pets or too big pets then it would be hard to handle. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to handle the pets.

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Best Emotional Support Animal rabbit


Know About The Service Animals

It is true that dogs can be good service animals. But apart from that there are many other animals too who would come up as good and intelligent service animals! But before that one should know what would service animals mean? Service animals are those who would do some job or work for the owner.

Here are some of the service animals which are rare but are quite amazing.

Know About The Service Animals

Little horses are small sized horses that would really help the owner. They have sharp mind and are quite good in vision. So, if they are trained well as service animals, they can prove to be quite good.

Then Ferrets and Boa Constrictors also can be good animals who would do some important work for the owner.

Parrots are the birds that would also work as good service animals.

You can even check out for Pigs as they are good service animals.

People who have physical disabilities usually opt for such animals. This would mean that people who are blind or have some other disability can get good assistance from the service animals.

This shows that there is basic difference between the service animals and the emotional support animals. There are many benefits as available for both.

But there should be proper documentation available to show that they are service animals or they are the emotional support animals.

The service animals would give variety of services to the patients as in they would remind when the medication time has come, they would also help blind handler and get relevant guidance etc.

Thus, animals are smart and loving beings. So, take advantage of them in the right way.


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