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Registration Guide for Emotional Support Cats

Do you suffer from mental or emotional health issues? If yes, then you can take help of emotional support animals.

Cats and dogs are the most popular ones. If you have a pet cat at home and if you have emotional issues and have not yet registered the cat for ESA then you must do it soon.


pet at home as it would give you ample of support

If you suffer from mental problems or depression or some such anxiety related health issues then you should have pet at home as it would give you ample of support. Having cute pets at home would mean that they can have better effect on your mind and wellbeing.

Cats are also good ESA that is emotional support animals. If you already have a cat at home and if you are having such mentioned health disorders then you should register the cat for emotional support animal. This will help you both enjoy a few rights.


Here are some of the steps that will help you to register the cat for ESA

  • If you have mental health disability and if you qualify to keep a pet as emotional support animal then you should undergo this information. Talk to the licensed health professional who would give you ESA letter.
  • This letter should be written by the Heath professional who treats your mental disorder on his letter head. The letter should also have all the information as in the license number etc. of the medical professional.
  • If you want your pet to be emotional support cat then you must train it to be calm and not to bite others. There is no need to train it much. But the cat should not be too much aggressive.
  • If you are looking forward to travel by flight then you must let the airlines know about the emotional support cat. Also, if you are taking a place on rent then you must let the land lord know about the ESA.
  • Just have the ESA letter and that is enough for the cat to be registered. There is no formal registration process available.


pet cat can be an emotional support cat

When these things are done, the pet cat can be an emotional support cat and that will be good for the owner as well as the pet. They would enjoy some special rights.

When they have to travel by flight then they can fly together once they have intimated the same to the airlines. The same holds true when they have to stay at a hotel or rent a home.


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