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Services That You Can Fetch From Cats as ESA

People think that dogs are the most important emotional support animals. But in reality, even the cats follow this league. Even they have the potential to support the handlers and make them feel just good! Most of the researchers have been asking this question that can cats provide emotional support. This is because people feel that dogs are the best support animals. Well, but cats have become quite popular these days.

It is true that the researches are bit limited in this area, but cats as emotional support animals have many privileges and rights.  


It is true that the researches are bit limited in this area


What Kind Of Services You Can Expect From The Cats?

Cats can provide emotional support as well as service. That is the reason why the under given explanation will make the doubts clear.

  1. Emotional support cats: When you talk about emotional support it would mean that being around, making feel comfortable etc. Cats have that tendency for the owners. They provide emotional wellbeing to the patients who suffer from mental or emotional health issues.
  2. Service cats: It is important to note that cats do not qualify as service animals as per ADA. However, some airlines do allow the cats as service cats for those who have disabilities and health issues. However, the terms would differ and so it is always better to check out the terms with your airlines.
  3. Therapy animals: In some of the institutes and retirement homes, cats are used as therapy animals. These cats can be trained to be effectively used in such organizations.
  4. Companion cats: These are called as companion cats and they are just like ESA. They accompany the owner and they are not trained to do any task. They just have to accompany the owner.

Even though researches are going on in regards to the level of cats as related to emotional support, the owners are already quite happy with their cats as ESA.  


  happy with their cats as ESA.


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