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Top Eight Reasons as to Why You Should Have an Emotional Support Rabbit

When we talk of emotional support animals the only thought that would come in our mind would be of cats and dogs. Well, rabbits are also quite amazing and they are quite brilliant as emotional support animals.

When we have pets like rabbits we feel that they are just cute. But they serve as good emotional support animals for the patients who need them.

Here are the top 8 reasons why rabbits can be good emotional support animals.


Rabbits as Emotional Support Animals

  • Rabbits are quite gentle and they are lovely. They are quite honest with their owners. They understand who has been calling them. They recognize the voices well. Also, when they are called and asked to come they come up. They are brilliant and quite amazing in their social skills.
  • Rabbits are social animals. They love to be cuddled up. So, for those who are looking for such unending love, rabbits prove to be perfect animal for friendship and emotional support.
  • The third reason as to why you should have rabbit as emotional support animals is because they are quiet and do not make too much of noise. Also, they need less space to live and thrive. They need to be kept in open spaces so that they are happy.
  • Rabbits are quite easy to train. They have flexible an sharp minds and so making them get adapted to new things will never be tough.
  • Rabbits have a life span of more than 10 years. So, this is an added benefit. There are a few animals who would have a life span of just a couple of years. But with a pet like rabbit you can just have good amount of fun till they grow very old.
  • Rabbits are honest just like the dogs and so you can stay secure when you have your rabbit pet around.
  • Rabbits are easy to handle and so when they are growing up you can feed them with the pet food.
  • Having rabbits around can help in reducing levels of stress

So, with all the above reasons rabbits have become quite popular over a period of time. Times have changed and people think that those who need pets around would get good amount of emotional support.

Thus the patients who suffer from anxiety and depression or some other mental fitness issues should get good pets like rabbits as that can help in making life simple and exciting.


What Animals Give You Comfort Just Like the Rabbits?

When you are thinking to appoint emotional support animals there are few other pets that you may think over. This may include pets like dogs and cats. But as far as rabbits are concerned they are equally good and they give good support to the handler.

The rabbits like to stay along with the owner and so there would be a friendly relationship between the pet and the owner.

What animals give you comfort just like the rabbits?

If you have a rabbit as pet and if you are having some mental health issue then you should apply for being a pet owner who can have rabbit as an emotional support animal. If the rabbit qualifies as one then there will be few benefits that you will get.

Like, for the person who has mental health issues having an emotional support animal will provide him health benefits. The pet for example rabbit can travel with the patient wherever he goes. These are the basic benefits of having an emotional support animal and then registering the same as well.

There is no official registry to be done. All you can do is just talk to the mental health issue doctor and get certification about your mental health problem and that you need an emotional support animal. In the meantime when you have a rabbit then you should get the same registered. When this is done there would be better benefits for the pet in terms of staying with the owner and travelling with the owner.


Rabbits are Good Friends

So, even though you might not have thought of rabbits as emotional support animals, they are quite good in their job. They are friendly pets who would keep you happy and stress free. So, think of this animal as a perfect pet that can love you and entertain you at the same time.

We all live to do something purposeful in life. So, make sure that you have such good pets who can share good relationship with you and can be friends with you.


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