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What to Feed Your Dog When it’s Summer to Keep It Cool

When summer is around there would be lot of heat and this can actually affect animals as well. Dogs feel quite drowsy in summer. They tend to eat less. This would become a matter of concern for those who have dogs as pets. So the question is what to feed them in summer?

After the very cold winters when there is sudden climate change this would feel  a bit bizarre to the pets. So, when the basking sunshine comes up they would feel awkward but in a way they would love to take some sun bath in the morning. But some states might really be too warm and for pet dogs staying there a bit of clumsiness might come in.


Here are Some of the Good Food Options for the Dog in Summer

If your dog loves cool climate then you should give it foods that would cool it off in summer. This would include foods like bans, eggs, chicken, pork, sardines etc. Good protein will help it to cope up with the weather changes. Also, giving the foods rich in carbohydrates would keep it energetic. This would include barley porridge, rice, millet soup and so on.


You can Use a Few Herbs to Cool off

If you wish you can add mint leaves to the food items. This would keep the skin of the dog hydrated. Basil and garlic is also a good option. This would add taste in food and would enhance hunger in the pet. You should feed  the pet in balanced quantities. This is because too much of feeding can actually create digestive issues during summer.


You can use a few herbs to cool off


Also be Careful of the Health Issues That Your Pet Has

If your dog already has health issues like ear infection, dry skin etc then you should select the food with care. Try to give freshly prepared food to your pet rather than those that are old, ready and stale. If you feel you can make some dietary changes in the dog food. This will help you in getting to the right mode.

Make sure that you don’t let it play too much in summer. This might cause over exertion and tiredness.  So, just be sure that you have access to some indoor games as well. Try and let your dog enjoy in indoors in afternoons so that it can keep the heat wave away. Let your dog enjoy summers and make sure you feed the pet right.


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