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Dog Training 101 : Dog Training Equipment

If you’re a dog owner interested in training your dog, you’ll need the right dog training equipment. The kind of equipment you need will depend on the type of training that will be done.

For basic dog training, you don’t need a lot of expensive training equipment. You will simply need a collar and leash to teach your dog basic obedience. The collar you choose should be compatible with the type of dog you have. For example, larger dogs will need stronger collars where a small dog may only require a gentle one.


Dog Training Equipment

Most of the time, a regular leather or nylon collar is acceptable. For a large dog, you may need to invest in a pinch or choker collar for occasional use.

If you’re planning on behavioral training, you’ll need special equipment. For example, a bark control collar can be used to defeat barking problems. Consult a professional dog trainer to find out what is the appropriate equipment for your dog training needs. They can also show you the proper way to use the equipment.

If your dog has mastered basic training, you may want to teach him some new things. There are lots of tools available to help you with this. A very popular and inexpensive dog agility training item is the nylon tunnel. You can also find panel jumps which are part of the agility training process. Bar jumps are great for little dogs, while wing set jumps work for large ones.

There are lots more types of agility equipment you can find to train your dog with. You’ll find see-saws, poles, and various types of ramps. It’s not necessary to buy it all at once — start your dog off slow and go from there.

Some training videos can be part of your training equipment purchases. Or, you could enroll your dog in a training school where all the equipment you need to train your dog will be provided for you.


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