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Dog Training 101 : Dog Training Basics

Your puppy has finally arrived! Baby dogs are so adorable that you easily embrace the thought that your dog will always be so small and cuddly. However, this is not the case. A dog is a massive responsibility and requires training to be a well-behaved member of your family.

If your puppy is the first dog you’ve ever had, you will need to learn about dog training basics.


Dog Training Basics


Here are some tips to help you.


Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Having a dog is almost like having a child to care for. Always provide for your dog’s needs — feeding, walking, entertaining him, and training him properly. If you’re not ready for such a big commitment, perhaps a fish would make a better pet!


Consistent Discipline is Key

You must strictly follow training steps to establish who is in charge. Consistency is so important because your dog needs to know the clear consequences of his actions. If you’ve made a rule like no barking in the house, enforce it every time and do not look the other way just because you don’t feel like disciplining your dog.


Learn About The Training Process

Dog training requires a specific, time-tested approach to be successful. It’s a good idea to read some books and articles about dogs and dog training. You can even join Internet groups to become educated. Do this before adopting your dog so you’ll be adequately prepared for what lies ahead.

The first thing your puppy needs to learn is not to chew household items. Keep a close eye on your puppy and provide him with acceptable chew toys. Give him the toy if you see him chewing an unacceptable item.

Dog training includes a wide range of commands that work for almost any pet dog. If your dog is a house dog, stick with the basics and don’t bother with complex training if you don’t want to.


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