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When to Know That your Cat is not Well?

At some point in time you may feel that your pet is not feeling well. If it is a cat then she would show obvious signs of sickness and uneasiness. Here you will get to know how your pet would react when they are not well.

There are chances that the cat may feel fine bit a few abnormal things that she does would make you feel that there is some problem. Either the cat is in pain or there is some other issue with her. When such things come up you will be tensed and you would want to solve the problem quickly.


Cat is not Well


When You Feel That Something is Wrong

When you feel that something is wrong with the pet then in that case you should talk to the vet. But before that the cat will surely show some signs that there is a bad day for her. Normally, the cat is a social being. But if she is not responding then it would mean that she is not quite happy. Also, her activity levels would be low. You can even check out the skin. It would be dry if there is some problem. The cat would not look healthy. The skin would look dehydrated. So you should try and keep her well hydrated. This will help her in getting the desired levels of help.


The Cat May Shed

There are chances that the cat may shed the skin or the hair. This would look awkward but it would mean that there is some issue with her health. If there is loss of appetite then there is something that you have to do very quickly. You should watch the cat for almost 12 hours and so when you feel that there are some symptoms that bother the cat then you need to take immediate steps. Do not go for self medication. You should talk to the doctor and he will guide you about what needs to be done.

Some pets might have serious disorders and often these little symptoms would not seem serious. But all you need to do is check that what can be the thing that is creating issues. The cat might be given some diagnostic tests and you must get them done as soon as possible. These are some of the things that you need to work out on. That will give you freedom from stress.


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