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What are the Risks of Giving OTC Medications to the Pet Cat

Human beings and animals are different in the mechanism in the way their body would work. So, when you have some health issue and the pill that you pop would be suitable for you but the same pill or medication would not work for the cat. These are some of the things you need to take care of.

Cats are sensitive creatures and so when your pet shows some signs of uneasiness and you feel that you can give her over the counter pet pain killer then this is not the right way. When you realize that your pet has some health issues then you should rather go and show the same to the vet.

OTC Medications to the Pet Cat


Medications that can be given to the cat

When you have to give any medications to the cat then you will have to be clear about the same after asking the vet. This is because cats are quite sensitive as compared to the dogs and so when they are given any medications they should be given only after consultation with the doctor. If the vet has given the same for a certain time period then you should stop when the doctor says so.


Cats can get side effects of NSAIDS

It is very important to note that since the cats are quite sensitive they should not be given too much of anything. So, the dosage should go as required. Cats would need fewer doses as compared to the other animals. Also, the dosage intervals should be longer. If there are side effects then there would be symptoms such as confusion, anxiety, and disinterest in eating and so on. It is therefore better that when you are dealing with a pet cat then you should try the natural remedies as much as possible.


Natural way to keep your pet stay well

If you wish to let the pet stay well then you should use natural remedies as much as possible. For that you will have to understand that having healthy meals filled with herbs and chicken broth will really make it feel good. It is true that you will come across a lot of things online. But just stay sure that you don’t follow such medications and remedies. You should always consult the vet when the pet cat shows the signs such as confusion, irritation etc. These are some of the basic things you will have to keep in mind when you are raising a pet cat.


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