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How to Deal with Diabetes in Cats?

When your cat has started showing the symptoms such as sudden weight loss, obesity, lack of interest, sleepiness etc in cats then this should be the matter of concern. Chances are that the cat might have diabetes. So, now how to deal with that? Diabetes in cats is a common thing. Often they might have problems such as insulin resistance. There might be insufficient production of insulin in the body and this might be one of the leading reasons of diabetes.

There are a few prominent symptoms of diabetes and this may include things like lot of urination, sudden weight loss, no interest in eating and playing and so on. You may even be able to figure out about diabetes when the cat is holding the back legs in an awkward way. So, when such symptoms come up you should be able to detect the problem. Take the cat to the vet and then let the tests diagnose the problem.

Diabetes in Cats


What to do if your pet cat is diagnosed with diabetes?

The diabetes in cats can be type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Both these types can be treated. It is just that there should be right food and right nourishment. The cats play indoors most of the time and so this might be the reason that it is not getting vitamin D. So, you should give some play time to the cat outside as well. Fresh air and sunlight can make good effect on health.


Your cat should be fit and fine

If you give some personal attention to your cat then it will be fit and fine. So, all you must do is check out about the health status and understand how you need to solve the problem. You should never self diagnose or self medicate the pet. Make sure that you go and talk to the vet and then decide things further. Times have changed and people should therefore understand that rather than checking the symptoms online and starting the medication on own it would be better to talk to the vet and let him decide how the course of the treatment should be.

Sometimes new born kittens might be diagnosed with such a health condition. In that case you will have to know that how the solution should be taken up. You should be very frank with the vet and let him know how the solution needs to be checked and what other steps should be taken.


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