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What Constant Panting Could Mean for Your Dog?

A panting dog is no news to anyone, however, when you tune yourself to the rhythm and frequency of their pants, you could be privy to some great insights about your dog. Dogs often have their mouths open, their tongue hanging out and making panting noises. It is thus that most dog owners ignore the importance of reading into their pants, whether is fiercer than before or does it happen all day long.

You can tell a lot about your dog form their panting habits.


Why Dogs Pant?

Dogs pant to regulate their body temperature. Which is why they pant harshly after a run or while playing with you. By observing their pant, you can tell how tired your dog is if his breathing is harsh cut him some slack and start playing with him after a break.

What Constant Panting Could Mean for Your Dog?

Structural Defect

Brachycephalic dogs such as Bulldog or pug has difficulty taking in the required amount of air, as their noses are smashed.


Dogs usually pants excessively in warmer weather to maintain the heat in their body. If the pants seem to be way more than usual, then your dog might be suffering from heat stroke. Refer a doctor for the same.


Overweight dogs tend to pant more as maintaining their body temperature is harder in such situations. Not a sign of good health, obesity has been plaguing over 50% of all the dogs.



A bout of illness or Poisoning causes the dog to pant often. If your dog is panting constantly and heavier than usual, then contact a vet immediately for a thorough check-up.

In order to understand that your dog is panting abnormally, you will need to first understand their normal panting levels. In addition to panting levels of your dog while exercising, running or becomes very excited.

Once you understand the difference, you will be able to judge your dog’s mood and health through his pants itself.



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