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Probable Reasons Behind Sudden Weight Loss In Dogs

Sudden weight loss in your pets could be due to some benign reasons or it could also indicate some serious underlying health issues. Which is why sudden weight loss of your dog should never be ignored.

First and foremost, if your dog is losing dramatic weight over a short period of time, it is quite important to refer your vet as soon as possible. While there are a few general reasons that could have led to weight loss, it could have also be caused due to some major illness.

Understanding the cause and getting it treated on time could make all the difference to your dog’s health. Here are a few common causes:

Weight loss led by dietary changes

Weight loss led by dietary changes

As and when you make some changes to your dog’s food, they might not like the food. They start eating lesser food, leading to the sudden weight loss.

Change in environment

Pets are excessively sensitive to their surroundings, a change in that could lead to weight loss. For instance, your new home gives your dog ample space to run around the whole day, the dog could lose weight due to that extra exercise


Age effects each one differently, including our pets. Your dog might be losing weight due to the internal changes his/her body has been introduced as their age grows.

Some Serious ailments

While the aforementioned were generic reasons behind your dog’s weight loss, there can be something more serious to the story, such as:

  • It could be a liver disease
  • A Periodontal disease
  • It can be a symptom of kidney failure
  • Chronic gastrointestinal obstruction, majorly caused due to ingestion of foreign bodies
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Orthopedic or neuromuscular disease

Sudden weight loss is definitely not a good sign, as mentioned above do consult a vet, even when you have an inkling of the reason.


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