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Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Problems in a Male Bulldog

Signs and symptoms of kidney problems in a Bulldog or any breed of dog should be considered serious and require urgent attention by a veterinarian. The first signs an owner typically notices are changes in the urinating or drinking habits of the dog. An examination, urinalysis and blood work will be necessary to determine the cause of these changes.


Kidney Problems


Increased Thirst

One of the first and most noticeable symptoms of kidney problems is increased thirst. Owners will notice empty water bowls, and the dog may actively search for water. If you suspect your dog is drinking more, have all water sources visible and perhaps measure how much water is consumed. A dog with suspicious kidney problems will increase its water intake as the problem becomes more serious.


Frequent or Urgent Need to Urinate

Frequent urination can be another early sign of kidney problems. This increase is at times confused with typical marking behaviors when a male dog is involved. Dogs with a kidney problem will normally exhibit signs of an urgent need to urinate in conjunction with frequency. Successfully housebroken dogs may begin to have accidents in the house because of this urgent need to urinate. It may be more difficult to notice changes in urinary habits in a dog that is not yet housebroken or spends most of its time outside.


Changes in Urine Color

The third sign of a dog with kidney problems is a visible change in the color of the urine. Kidneys that are no longer functioning properly cannot concentrate the urine. The urine produced is more of a clear color rather than a normal yellow color. Dogs may also have blood in the urine. This is easy to see if your dog typically urinates on cement or other light-colored surfaces. Blood in the urine requires immediate veterinary attention.


Other Physical Changes

A bulldog that has kidney problems may be lethargic or be sensitive in the kidney area. There will be a decrease in appetite as well as vomiting or diarrhea. Urination may become painful. Straining to produce urine, once a stream is complete, is not uncommon. The dog’s gums and other mucus membranes may be pale or exhibit a yellow hue.


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