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English Bulldog Medication

English bulldogs are a special breed. Although they have a sometimes intimidating look, English bulldogs are among the gentlest of dog breeds. However, this type of dog is also prone to many types of health problems that all potential owners should be aware of beforehand. There are certain medications one should have on hand before bringing their bully home.


English Bulldog Medication


For Skin Afflictions

One thing you’ll want to have in your bulldog’s medicine cabinet for sure is Vaseline. The bulldog’s nose often gets dry and cracked and you’ll need something to soothe it. Actually, any part of your bulldog’s body that needs to be soothed or waterproofed is a good place to apply Vaseline. Vaseline is a good preventive measure for your bulldog before anything actually becomes irritated. Panalog ointment is also good for all sorts of minor skin irritations. It can also be helpful for cleaning wrinkles and tail pockets. Bag Balm is another similar option.


For Flatulence

English bulldogs are prone to flatulence. Just a small change in their regular diet can cause it. Kaopectate is a handy medication to have in case your bulldog develops diarrhea. PeptoBismol can also be used for your dog if it has an upset stomach. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully to administer the correct sized dose.


For Breathing Issues

If your English bulldog becomes phlegmy a small squirt of lemon juice–like from the plastic lemon containers, RealLemon–can help clear that up quickly. If the breathing issue has been caused by an allergy–such as a bee sting–Benadryl can be used in either capsule or liquid form.


For Joint Problems

English bulldogs are prone to hip and knee joint issues. If your bulldog seems to be in pain, aspirin can be used to help relieve that. While bulldogs can tolerate aspirin, do not give them any other types of human pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil. The amount of aspirin you’ll give your bulldog depends on its body weight.


For Eye Issues

Eye problems can occur, especially if you’re not careful to clean your bulldog’s eye wrinkles thoroughly. A medication like Clear Eyes or Duolube can be used to relieve irritation of an English bulldog’s eyes.


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