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What Is Wrong With a Dog That Has Blood in Its Stool & a Bad Ear Infection?

A dog’s stool is a primary indicator of her health. Blood in the stool combined with an ear infection can point to several problems of varying complexity. With some tests, a veterinarian can determine the cause of the ear infection and the presence of blood in the stool.


Bad Ear Infection


Blood in Stool

Presence of blood in the dog’s stool is called hematochezia. In an isolated occurrence, hematochezia is nonthreatening. When it is combined with other symptoms such as an ear infection, the dog may have an allergy or a more severe condition.


Causes of Blood in Stool

Causes of hematochezia may include bacteria, viruses, allergies, parasites, indigestion, cancer or a surface scratch on the anus.


Ear Infection

Dogs may experience inner, outer or middle ear infections. These are generally curable with the help of a veterinarian. Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to such infections.


Causes of Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs may be caused by fungi, allergens, ear mites or infection (viral or bacterial).


Likely Combined Cause

When a canine experiences an ear infection and hematochezia simultaneously, it is most likely that she has a moderate to severe allergy to something in her food or environment.



If the dog is experiencing an allergy due to something unusual she has eaten or something different in the environment, she should not be allowed to come in contact with the allergen. Dogs exhibiting blood in the stool as well as an ear infection should be seen by a veterinarian immediately to be checked for a serious allergy or other condition.



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