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Canaural Ear Drops for Dogs

Canine ear infections may be caused by bacteria, yeast, mites or moisture. Signs of infection include frequent ear scratching and head shaking. Ear drops are often prescribed to treat the infection.


Canaural Ear Drops



Before application of Canaural ear drops to treat mites, infection or inflammation, the dog’s ear canal should be wiped to remove dirt or drainage.



Five to 10 drops are applied in each affected ear, twice a day, following a veterinarian’s instructions. After administration, a gentle massage of the ear canal helps the drops penetrate. Drops are typically used for a minimum of seven days.



Canaural ear drops are a combination of two antibiotics, diethanolamine fusidate and framycetin sulphate; an anti-fungal, nystatin; and an anti-inflammatory agent, prednisolone. The active ingredients are suspended in oil, which softens the earwax and allows penetration.



Drops are sold in 15 milliliter plastic dropper bottles, which should be stored at room temperature. A prescription is required for purchase.



Canaural ear drops should not be used on dogs that have a perforated eardrum or are pregnant or nursing.


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