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Black Skin Rash on Dogs

Canine skin rashes can be small and unassuming, large and colorful, or somewhere in between. Some dogs even get black skin rashes, which can be the result of several skin conditions.


Black Skin Rash



Black, crusty patches of skin or black mottled skin, irritated skin, excessive licking/chewing the skin and hair loss are symptoms of a skin condition that the rash itself is a part of.



Black skin rash in dogs may be the result of alopecia X, Cushing’s disease or atopic dermatitis.



Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and take a medical history. Additional tests may include blood and skin tests or allergy tests.



Depending on the cause of the rash, treatment may include antibiotics, topical creams, ointments or shampoos, treatment for parasites, hormone therapy and dietary supplements.



Your dog’s rash may be the result of a serious condition such as thyroid problems, so make sure to see your veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible.


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