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Why Do Dogs Throw Up Yellow Stuff?

The family dog is so much more than simply a pet. When that animal gets sick and starts throwing up, you want to do everything you can to help your dog get better. And when you are cleaning it up, you might wonder why the vomit is yellow.


Where to Start

It is a normal day until your dog starts throwing up. You are starting to worry and wonder what to do. Start by asking yourself a few questions first. What is the color of the vomit? Is it vomit or regurgitation? How long has the dog been vomiting and how often does it occur in a day?


The Color

According to Doreen Turner, DVM at VCA Animal Hospital in Aroma Park, Illinois, yellow vomit is the color of the bile or stomach acid that is naturally in a dog’s stomach. The consistency might be foamy. The only time the color is a factor is when there is blood mixed in with the yellow bile. That is an indication of some real problems. More important factors than the color of the vomit are how often it occurs, how long it lasts and if this situation is vomiting or regurgitation.


Throw Up Yellow Stuff


Vomiting and Regurgitation

When you bring Fido to the vet, you might be asked if he is vomiting or regurgitating. Turner states the difference is that with regurgitation, the dog is throwing up undigested food almost immediately after eating, and there are typically no retching sounds. Vomiting is characterized by a retching sound and “yellow stuff” coming out.


The Duration and Frequency of Vomiting Behavior

What becomes more important is how often during the day and for how long the vomiting behavior has been occurring. According the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Pet Health Topics, there are many reasons why a dog may have vomiting issues.

The best course of action is to take your your dog to the veterinarian so Fifi can be looked over and tested for possible causes. If your dog has been vomiting consistently for a couple of days, Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine suggests your animal might be dehydrated and will need medical attention.


Best Course of Action

While a one-time incident of vomiting yellow stuff is not something to cause concern, continuous vomiting behavior over a short period does indicate a problem. It is best to visit your local vet for a better diagnosis. Be prepared to tell how often the vomiting occurs, how long it has been occurring and the vomit’s color, in case it is not yellow.


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