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What are the Benefits of Spaying a Dog?

The potential benefits of spaying a dog include the prevention of certain illnesses, the cessation of heat cycles and reduced pet overpopulation in your neighborhood. Since spaying ends heat cycles in dogs, it sometimes introduces positive behavioral benefits, too.


Spaying a Dog


Enhanced Health and Longevity

Spaying may promote your pet’s health and longevity. The surgical procedure can be beneficial for minimizing a dog’s chances of breast cancer and stopping uterine cancer and uterine infections. These conditions can be deadly to dogs. Defend your dog from these illnesses by getting her spayed prior to her first heat cycle. Early spaying is particularly effective for disease prevention.


No Heat Cycles

Spaying your dog will stop her from going into heat, or estrus, regularly. This, in turn, will prevent nearby intact male dogs from being attracted to her. When dogs are in heat, they try to lure males by crying incessantly and often by urine marking in inappropriate locations outdoors or throughout the house. Heat cycles frequently require significant cleanup for owners, too. When dogs are in heat, they often give off bloody discharge, which can be extremely heavy for some dogs. Since your pet won’t go into heat after getting spayed, she’ll be calmer in general. Caring for spayed dogs, like caring for neutered male dogs, is often a less stressful process for owners.


No Basic Personality Change

Some people worry that spaying dogs can affect their temperaments permanently. Although spaying surgeries can make dogs much more relaxed in behavior, they do not influence animals’ basic personalities in any way.


Reduced Pet Overpopulation

Spaying your pet will prevent her from getting pregnant and giving birth to a litter of helpless young puppies that will all require owners and homes of their own. Homelessness is a major problem for dogs and cats all over the nation. According to the American Humane Association, shelters euthanize close to 4 million animals annually because they’re unable to successfully secure homes for them. If your dog gives birth to puppies, she could contribute to the presence of stray animals in your neighborhood. Stray animals often have brief and difficult lives. Beyond that, they can bring on auto accidents that can seriously injure others. Since they need to procure food, they often become predators of local wildlife.


Safe Procedure

If you take your pet to a licensed veterinarian, spaying is generally an extremely safe procedure. Although anesthesia can potentially bring on complications in some dogs, a seasoned and knowledgeable veterinarian will carefully monitor your pet to make sure she’s fine and that everything is going according to plan during the surgery.


Tips and Warnings

  • If you take the time to look around, spaying your dog can often be extremely affordable.
  • Ask your local rescue organization about any low-cost spay/neuter clinics in your area.
  • Remember, getting a dog spayed is often much more inexpensive in the long run than feeding and caring for puppies.
  • Medical costs for puppies are yet another major consideration.


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