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The Side Effects of Revolution Flea Medication

There’s a host of medication available to keep your pup free of fleas and parasites. The best option for your dog depends on several factors, including where you live and your dog’s breed. If you’re considering the spot-on known as Revolution, your dog will be protected against fleas and a variety of other parasites. Fortunately, most side effects tend to be limited to a temporary change in the fur around the application site.


Flea Medication


Selamectin Goes to Work

The active ingredient in Revolution is a compound known as Selamectin, one of several antiparasitic compounds that work by essentially paralyzing the nervous systems of a variety of parasites that may take up residence on your dog. The limp parasites may fall off your dog’s coat or make their way out through his intestinal tract, hitching a ride on his poop. The end result is the same: They leave your dog and die in the outside environment.


Fighting Fleas and More

Selamectin is applied as a topical medication, once a month. It’s absorbed into your dog’s skin, going into his bloodstream to kill any internal parasites. It also redistributes itself back to the skin so it can take care of external parasites such as ticks, fleas and mites. If your dog has fleas, you can expect them to be dead within 36 hours of application. Revolution is an effective preventive against heartworm larvae, ear mites and sarcoptes mites, the culprits behind sarcoptic mange.


Revolution Side Effects

Occasionally a dog may experience side effects from Revolution. It’s not unusual for a dog’s fur to become powdery, oily, discolored or stiff at the application site. Occasionally, a dog may become irritated or experience hair loss at the site. Site reactions should be temporary, but if they don’t resolve in a few days, see the vet.

Other potential reactions include loss of appetite, vomiting, drooling, diarrhea, muscle tremors, rapid breathing and fever. If your dog’s allergic to the medication, he may experience labored breathing or hives. Your vet can recommend an alternative to Revolution if your dog experiences a bad reaction to the medication.


Correctly Using Revolution

Don’t treat Revolution as an oral medication — it’s for topical use only. It’s safe for pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as puppies over 6 weeks of age. It should not be used with other flea preventives, so no mixing and matching.


As a Heartworm Preventive

Though Revolution is effective in killing heartworm larvae, it won’t kill adult heartworms. If you’re using the medication as a heartworm preventive, you should have your dog tested before initiating the regimen to ensure he’s heartworm negative. When he’s received the all-clear to proceed with Revolution as a heartworm preventive, he’ll need to take the medication every 30 days.


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