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How to Choose the Best Dog Heartworm Preventative

When you get a dog, one of the first decisions you will make regarding its health is what type of heartworm prevention you will use. Choosing the right heartworm preventative is an important part of being a responsible dog owner. And, fortunately, dog owners have many choices when it comes to heartworm prevention. Knowing the difference between these choices will help you decide how you want to prevent heartworm.


4 Steps to Choose the Best Dog Heartworm Preventative

Dog Heartworm Preventative

1. Ask your veterinarian if he recommends a certain type, or brand, of heartworm prevention medication.

It is not uncommon for a vet to provide samples of heartworm preventative during a puppy’s first check-up.


2. Research and decide on a either a topical or oral heartworm preventative based on both you and your dog’s needs.

con your dogs skin between the shoulder blades once a month. Topical preventatives have the advantage of protecting against fleas, and in the case of some brands, ticks. Oral heartworm prevention medications come in pill, chewable tablet and treat form. A topical heartworm preventative comes in handy if your dog does not take pills easily, or if it has food allergies and cannot take a chewable or treat. Topic preventatives are also good for people who struggle to remember to administer monthly medications, because you are combining flea control and heartworm prevention in one simple step.


3. Weigh your dog.

Heartworm preventative is dosed by weight. The brands break the packages up into weight groups. For instance, a puppy may use a heartworm prevention medication that is used for dogs under 25 pounds. Make sure you weigh your dog each month before you administer medicine to ensure accurate dosing.


4. Formulate a monthly budget for your dog’s medication, and choose a heartworm preventative that is within your price range.

If the method you choose is too expensive, you may not be able to keep up with it. If cost is a concern, discuss this with your veterinarian. Additionally, many animal welfare agencies sell heartworm preventative at a reduced cost if you meet certain criteria.


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