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How to Care for a Puppy with Red Bumps on the Stomach

If you discover red bumps on your puppy’s stomach, it could be a sign of one of two things: a skin allergy or a staph infection. One way to narrow down which condition your puppy has is to look closely at the bumps. If the red bumps have white heads, then it is most likely staph infection. Staph infection is common in puppies because they lie with their mother in damp areas. A skin allergy could mean your puppy has fleas and is allergic to the fleas’ saliva.


6 Steps to Care for a Puppy with Red Bumps on the Stomach

Red Bumps on the Stomach

Caring for a Puppy with Staph

1. Separate the puppy from other animals and humans as much as possible.

The bacteria that causes staph can be transferred from animal to animal, animal to person and person to animal.


2. Take the puppy to the veterinarian so she can give the puppy antibiotics to kill the infection.


3. Wash the puppy’s bedding, toys and blankets before he comes back into the house.

If the bacteria is not killed, it will reinfect the puppy when he comes home. Wear gloves when washing the bedding.


Caring for a Puppy with Skin Allergies

4. Take your puppy to the veterinarian.

The vet will perform a test to see what is causing the skin allergy.


5. Change the puppy’s food to the vet’s recommended brand if it turns out that the food is causing the allergic reaction.


6. Apply flea prevention spray to your puppy once a month.

It can be purchased from the veterinarian. Use flea prevention spray inside your home on carpets and blankets to kill fleas already in your home.


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