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What Can Be The Reason For The Dogs Chewing Rocks And Bricks?

Often we might have noticed that our pets get tempted to eat rocks and bricks. What could be the reason behind this? It is important that we should not ignore these things. Even though they might seem petty they are to be looked into quickly.

The major problem is that often we may think that the pet has been chewing he rocks just for attention. But this should not be taken too lightly. It is vital that you just find out what this means and what could be the possible reasons behind the same.


It is vital that you just find out what this means and what could be the possible reasons behind the same.


Is chewing the rocks just because of boredom?

It is important to note that in most of the cases chewing the rocks is not as serious as it seems. It could be just because of boredom or may be your pet wants some attention from you. Apart from that it might have the habit to eat things that are actually not to be ingested.

In most of the cases it is seen that the puppies would show up this kind of behaviour. But those who are matured would not do such things. However, if you find something fishy it is always better that you talk to your vet and ask him to come and check the pet.  These things can help to make your pet perfect in health.

So, you should try and keep your pet away from such boring things. Try to keep them interested and see how that will help.


Can there be any side effects due to stone chewing?

Stones are hard and anyone who chews on the same can develop dental issues. Also, by mistake if the dog would ingest the stone then that will cause problems that would make the health bad!

Like there can be blockage of intestine and also there can be issues like vomits, problems in stomach and so on. So, you have to treat the pet just like a toddle. Just like you would be extra careful about what he eats, you should be open to taking care of your little pets as well.

Also, if your pets are behaving awkwardly along with chewing too much on such things then you should call up the vet and go and meet him. There are good pet toys available online and you can order the same for your dogs so that they do not get bored at times.

Talking to the vet will make good amount of difference. You will be able to figure out that whether this is some underlying problem that is going to take a big turn. Before all these things happen it would be safe to talk to the vet and figure out the potential problems.

You should try to keep your dog away from rocks as far as you can. You should therefore keep the area where the dog stays quite clean. You should remove the stones that might affect the dog. Try to clean up the yard whenever you get time. Remove the extra stones from that area.  These are some of the things you can do.


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