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Severe Neck & Shoulder Pain in Dogs

Severe neck and shoulder pain in your dog can make it difficult for him to enjoy life. Unlike a human, a dog cannot verbalize the pain he feels. You have to figure out when he is in pain. Understanding the symptoms, causes and treatments for shoulder and neck pain in dogs can help you decide your course of action.


Shoulder Pain in Dogs



If your dog is suffering from severe neck or shoulder pain he may have difficulty walking, change his posture or arch his shoulder. He may whimper in pain or pant frequently.


Muscle Diseases

Expaxial muscle diseases are a common cause of severe neck and shoulder pain. These diseases include soft tissue injuries, bite wounds, inflammations and infections.


Vertebral Disc Disorders

These spinal disorders cause great pain in a dog’s shoulder and neck. As a dog ages, the discs degenerate and may become infected. Some breeds of dogs are prone to spine diseases.



Cancer of the spine or the muscles around the spine is a frightening cause of severe shoulder or neck pain. If you suspect cancer, see your veterinarian immediately.



Treatments for severe shoulder pain vary depending on the condition. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammation medicines, narcotics, anti-depressants and acupuncture are promising treatments.


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