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Home Remedy of Garlic for Canine Tapeworms

When tapeworm eggs in the feces are ingested by another dog, the tapeworm infection is passed on, and it’s at that point that the tapeworms develop into mature worms. Symptoms of tapeworm infection include weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting and scooting on the bottom. Check your dog’s stool regularly for white matter that resembles dry, white rice grains. These pieces are tapeworms.


Things You’ll Need

  • Fresh garlic
  • Dog food


Steps to Home Remedy of Garlic for Canine Tapeworms

Canine Tapeworms

Add fresh garlic to your dog’s diet once a day as an effective home remedy for tapeworms. Chop the garlic and mix it into your dog’s food, or hide it in a piece of hot dog and feed it as a treat.

According to Dr. Richard Pitcaird, author of “The Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats,” dogs ranging in weight from 10 to 15 pounds should receive half a clove of fresh garlic per day; 20- to 40-pound dogs should receive one clove per day; 45- to 70-pound dogs should receive 2 1/2 cloves per day, and dogs weighing more than 100 pounds should receive three cloves per day.

Check your dog’s stool to see if the tapeworms are being purged from his system after three weeks of treatment with the garlic.

Continue to check your dog’s stool daily. After approximately two months of treatment with garlic, the tapeworms should be out of your dog’s system.

Continue feeding your dog garlic daily if you live in an area prone to flea infestation; the garlic will prevent tapeworms from reinfecting your dog.


Tips and Warnings
If your dog’s symptoms are severe, consult a vet before starting treatment.


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