Side Effects of Robaxin-V for Canines


Robaxin-V, a brand-name methocarbamol medication with various uses in dogs, can have side effects such as throwing up and weakness.

A veterinarian might prescribe Robaxin-V to a dog suffering from severely uncomfortable muscle spasms, and for various other ailments. Cats also commonly receive Robaxin-V.


Robaxin-V Uses

Robaxin-V is a muscle relaxer that works by focusing on the central nervous system instead of on muscles. Veterinarians administer Robaxin-V via injection or tablets for managing muscle spasms that arise due to injury, acute inflammation and the consumption of some toxic substances.

Robaxin-V is frequently used for the treatment of snail bait toxicity, for example. When pets experience poisoning from snail bait, they can develop extreme twitching. Robaxin-V is frequently employed for the management of strychnine toxicity, whose symptoms include seizures and rigidity. Veterinarians sometimes prescribe Robaxin-V for animals with tetanus.


Medication Side Effects

Robaxin-V for Canines

Robaxin-V has sedative effects that make dogs seem particularly drowsy or exhausted after administration.

Vomiting, stumbling, lack of coordination and inordinate salivation are all possible side effects of Robaxin-V. Vomiting and salivation are gastrointestinal system effects. Lack of coordination, stumbling and sleepiness are central nervous system effects. If you detect any of these side effects in your pet, notify your veterinarian as soon as possible.

A dog’s urine might take on a darker color than usual when he’s taking Robaxin-V. This change in color is generally nothing to worry about.


Not Suitable for All Dogs

Robaxin-V is not a fitting, safe or appropriate form of medication for all canines. If a dog has kidney disease, he is not an appropriate candidate for Robaxin-V use. Lactating or pregnant female dogs are also not suitable for use of this drug.

Dogs who have verified allergies or hypersensitivities to Robaxin-V should never receive it. If your veterinarian discusses prescribing Robaxin-V for your dog, notify her of any medications your pet is using.

If your pooch is a service dog who needs to be 100 percent watchful when he’s hard at work, Robaxin-V is not a good fit. Since Robaxin-V has sedative effects, it can interfere with the vigilance and effectiveness of dogs whose roles are to guide, rescue, or work in any capacity.


Robaxin-V With Other Drugs

Robaxin-V can potentially have reactions when used alongside other drugs. Robaxin-V’s sedative components may be enhanced when used alongside any different medications that also possess sedative abilities.

Dogs with the neuromuscular disorder myasthenia gravis are sometimes given pyridostigmine, an anticholinesterase medication. Pyridostigmine is known for interacting with Robaxin-V.

If a dog uses both of these medications at the same time, he might develop severe feebleness as a side effect. A vet who prescribes them both should monitor closely, with your help.


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